External Workforce Insights 2018:

The forces reshaping how work gets done

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In collaboration with Oxford Economics, SAP Fieldglass conducted a global research study examining how the external workforce is reshaping how work gets done. The results are clear: the external workforce enables an impressive range of business outcomes.

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44% of workforce spend is on the external workforce

This is nothing short of a transformation, with far-reaching implications for both employers and employees. Learn how you can get better value from your external workforce—the use of both non-payroll workers and contracted services providers—by understanding the forces reshaping how work gets done.

The four forces driving change in the new digital economy


of executives state the availability of talent that prefers to work on a contract basis, versus being an employee, is the leading market trend affecting their business

Force One

The multi-channel workforce is on the rise

Generate momentum.

Companies are using a wide range of channels to engage external workers, and the use of these channels is expected to grow significantly.

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Force Two

It’s about the core

Ensure critical mass.

The external workforce has become essential to core operations—and is increasingly critical to business strategy.

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say that without an external workforce they would be unable to conduct business as usual


say the external workforce is a key enabler of business performance

Force Three

Cost is not the whole story

Accelerate value.

While still important, controlling costs is no longer the principal driver for using an external workforce. Rather, the external workforce is now seen as essential to improving financial and business performance.

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Force Four

Visibility is everything

Expand your line of sight.

Executives are generally not well informed about the who, what, where and when of their external workforce. C-suite executives who are leading their functions are less in the know.

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of respondents are not highly informed about who is doing work for their organization when it comes to non-payroll workers

The external workforce is now a key driver of competitive advantage

Our research shows that the external workforce is still not a C-level issue at many companies. That needs to change. The effective use of the external workforce can be a strategic and competitive differentiator.

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